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Reds Golds Greens Blues Purples Oranges Browns Darks Mediums Lights Grays Multi Wool - Lights

Please note that each piece of textured wool is expertly washed.
Wool sizes are approximately 1/16 yard (7"x 16"), ¼ yard (16" x 29"),
½ yard (16" x 58"), and 1 yard (32" x 58").

Flax & Linen

Favorite Khaki Background

Toasted Marshmallows


Almond Joy

Tobacco Row

Circles and Squares

Daffodil Delight

Vanilla Twist

Star Dust

Angel Dust Sparkles

Dorr Mill White

French Vanilla Herringbone

Creme Brulee

Hickory Sticks

Bailey's Cream


Olde Glory White

Cotton Eyed Joe

Cowboy Jane

Cream Supreme


English Toffee

Pearl Blush

Gold Thread Sparkle

Silver Thread Sparkle

Rosie Cheeks

Tuscan Sand

All the King's Horses

All the King's Men

Lamb's Ear

Lights and Shadows


Oyster Shell

Primitive Natural

Waffles, Anyone?

Mother Goose

Princess Grace

Shepherd's Sheep