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Reds Golds Greens Blues Purples Oranges Browns Darks Mediums Lights Grays Multi Wool - Golds

Please note that each piece of textured wool is expertly washed.
Wool sizes are approximately 1/16 yard (7"x 16"), ¼ yard (16" x 29"),
½ yard (16" x 58"), and 1 yard (32" x 58").

Tator Tot

Adobe Gold


Corn Chex


Nubby Gold

Once in a Blue Moon

Pineapple Fizz

Rusty Square Dance

Golden Square Dance

Klondike Gold

King Tut

California Gold

Canyon Gold

Chicken Feet

Cornish Hen


Friar Tuck


Golden Scarab

Lion's Tale

Milk and Honey

Mustard Squares

Sunflower Check

Texas Stripe

Yellow Submarine


Please note that each quarter-yard piece of hand-dyed wool is unique and one-of-a-kind.
Once a wool is purchased, it will not become available again.

Gold 1

Gold 2

Gold 3

Gold 4

Gold 5

Gold 6

Gold 7

Gold 8

Gold 9

Gold 10

Gold 11

Gold 12