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Reds Golds Greens Blues Purples Oranges Browns Darks Mediums Lights Grays Multi Wool - Lights

Please note that each piece of textured wool is expertly washed.
Wool sizes are approximately 1/16 yard (7"x 16"), ¼ yard (16" x 29"),
½ yard (16" x 58"), and 1 yard (32" x 58").

Favorite Khaki Background

Toasted Marshmallows

Tobacco Row

Circles and Squares

Angel Dust Sparkles

Dorr Mill White


Cotton Eyed Joe

Cowboy Jane


Wool Studio Oatmeal

Gold Thread Sparkle

Waffles, Anyone?

Mother Goose

Checkered Past

Pauly the Polar Bear

All the King's Horses

All the King's Men

Rolling Stone


White Wicker

Triple Windowpane

Country Lane

Instant Oatmeal

Moon Baby

Snowflake Confetti

Diamonds are Forever

Country Creamery

Morse Code

Cotton Cloud

Stardust Sparkle

Iron Stone

Knock Knock

Sea Salt


The Kittens' Mittens

Linen Heather

Wood Ash

Buffalo Billy