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Reds Golds Greens Blues Purples Oranges Browns Darks Mediums Lights Grays Multi Wool - Oranges

Please note that each piece of textured wool is expertly washed.
Wool sizes are approximately 1/16 yard (7"x 16"), ¼ yard (16" x 29"),
½ yard (16" x 58"), and 1 yard (32" x 58").

Sally's Favorite

Joseph's Coat




Sorbet Stripe

Coral Reef

Apple Butter

Ginger Snap


Spiced Cider

Spring Mix

Wild Fire

Gary the Goldfish

Orange You Glad To See Me

Pumpkin Patch

Ragged Robin

Tiger Lily

Rusty Zipper

Tiger Lilly

Sweet Potato Pie

Orange Marmalade

Carrot Top

Mexican Chili


Please note that each quarter-yard piece of hand-dyed wool is unique and one-of-a-kind.
Once a wool is purchased, it will not become available again.

Orange 1

Orange 2

Orange 3

Orange 4

Orange 5

Orange 6

Orange 7

Orange 8

Orange 9

Orange 10

Orange 11

Orange 12